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Paula and Jon Jolly

Amanda Marcouiller

The Mandolin Foundation was founded to honor Paula’s daughter, Amanda Lynn who had been on a 10 year journey with addiction.  As with most opiate addictions, it started with pain pills from her doctor, then she began buying them on the street and turned to Heroin when the pill supply became too expensive.  Amanda also became addicted to Meth.  During this 10 year period, she went to jail 15 times, to prison once and went to 4 rehabs (including 1 in prison).  

     While on this journey with Amanda, Paula educated herself on what addiction is and she learned how to NOT enable her, it took a couple years before I figured it out.  Paula is a CCAR Recovery Coach, a Certified Peer Specialist and She is enrolled at NWTC in the Human Services Program and will graduate in May 2021.  

  Paula started Mandolin Foundation with the hope that Amanda could help her run a supported living program.  The program will allow mothers and their children to live in the apartment for up to 2 years while learning parenting, budgeting and other necessary skills.


 Amanda lost her battle with addiction on 02/10/2020 and she will be Forever 37.   

     Please think about supporting this program by donating money so we can purchase a building and start rebuilding families torn apart by addiction and mental health!

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