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Welcome to the Mandolin Foundation Supported Living Program!


The Mandolin Foundation was formed to provide a long-term living program for women and children affected by substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our alcohol and drug-free supportive program will help participants learn how to become a stable family unit while teaching parenting, budgeting, and other necessary skills for dealing with life challenges healthily and positively.  

The Mandolin Foundation does not discriminate based on race, religion, marital status, age, color, disability, national origin or ancestry, physical appearance, or sexual orientation. Requests for special aid or services under the Americans with Disabilities Act should be directed to the executive director.  

The Mandolin Foundation Supported Living Program provides the following services to residential clients:

  • Safe and supportive living environment for women and children affected by substance use and mental health disorders. 

  • On-site staff support Monday - Friday with on-call staff support 24/7 

  • Weekly case management/recovery coaching

  • Weekly house meetings

  • Parenting and life skill classes

  • Budgeting classes

  • SUD and Mental Health Education 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • 12-Step or other Recovery Meetings

  • Other education services as needed by the resident

  • Connection to community resources

In return, the Mandolin Foundation Supported Living Program expects the following from each program participant:

  • Maintenance of complete sobriety 

  • Strict adherence to all program guidelines and policies

  • Respect towards other residents, their children, and all program property 

  • Timely payment of monthly program fees 

  • Timely completion of assigned chores and program duties 

  • Attendance at weekly case management meetings

  • Acceptance of constructive feedback from staff

  • Or additional requests from staff 

  • The resident consents to random drug testing as requested by staff.

  • The resident agrees that no alcohol, illegal drugs or substances, paraphernalia, or weapons are permitted on Mandolin Foundation property. Therefore, residents bringing these items onto the program property will be terminated from the program and expected to leave the premises promptly. 

  • Residents with AODA or mental health challenges agree to share their treatment and relapse plans with the program case manager. Relapse is not an automatic termination from the program. 

  • The resident agrees to be a good member of the house. However, a resident involved in a police call, violent behavior, or threats to residents or staff must notify the team immediately.  

  • The resident must abide by all rules outlined in the program handbook and municipal, county, state, and federal laws.

  • The resident agrees to pay program fees on the first of the month.  Monthly Fees can be paid by cash or money order. Fees must be paid by the 3rd of the month, or the resident will be discharged from the program.   

  • The resident agrees to hold the Mandolin Foundation Program harmless to employees and partners for loss of property and bodily injury, including death. 

  • All program fees are non-refundable.  The only exception to this rule is program fees paid by someone other than the resident, e.g., treatment court, family member, community service program, etc.

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