Our  foundation developing a Family Recovery Program that will include supportive services and housing for women and their children.  Women who have struggled with mental health and/or substance use issues and are working to reunite their families. Programing will include structured programing to include budgeting and parenting skills.  Along with these services residents will be required to find employment, engage in weekly one on one and group meetings with staff members.

We provide peer support and we are working on opening a program to reunite and support families affected by addiction and mental health. A Certified Peer Specialist combines knowledge gained from parenting children and youth with social, emotional, behavioral, mental health and/or substance use challenges and training to increase their skills to support other parents or those in a parenting role.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that our programming is still under development. We are unable to guarantee accuracy of the programming available. We will update our information as we continue to develop our program. Please contact us with any questions and discuss payment options based on your current status.