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The idea of Amanda's Sober Living House began as Paula Jolly and her daughter, Amanda Lynn, researched sober living options in the area.  Amanda suffered from substance use disorder for over ten years.

While the house bears Amanda's name, she lost her battle with substance use in February of 2020, missing the opening of the house in March of 2022.

When Amanda was growing up Paula often used her full name, Amanda Lynn; it sounded like Mandolin and the name stuck.

Amanda's House provides compassionate transitional housing for women searching for substance use recovery living options.

Amanda's Story


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Family Supported Recovery

Family supported recovery is the hallmark of Amanda’s House.  Understanding that substance use disorder not only affects the individual, but  the entire family unit, especially children.  Amanda’s house welcomes children of residents. 

This unique opportunity allows children to be involved in the recovery process while residents demonstrate the dedication and hard work being done to help heal and reunite the family.

The Mandolin Foundation, Amanda’s House, is certified by WI Association of Sober Housing.
W.A.S.H. has a rigorous certification process for sober living housing in WI. 

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