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Hi, my name is Courtney Danforth; I recently moved into my own place, but while at Amanda's House I became a house Liaison & was a resident for about a year and a half. This house has done wonders for myself and my recovery. The amount of patience, stability, and love has been my biggest blessing. I have maintained my sobriety for a little over two years, I’ll have successfully completed treatment court in a little over 3 weeks, & I have been reunited with my two older children and had my third child with the support and guidance of Paula, her amazing volunteers, The house & Mandolin Foundation. As I get ready to graduate Court and move on from the house I wish to still be involved as helping and watching these ladies grow, recover, and evolve. Being the only sober living in brown county that allows children to reside with their mothers full time or allows reunification on all levels is such a huge, powerful asset to the recovery community because most mothers who don’t get the chance to make those positive changes end up back in the cycle.



Hi!  I am April, I am in recovery and

have struggled with addiction since

I was 16 years old.  I am 42 years old,

and I am 11 months clean and sober.

I am working very hard to have my

14 Month old son home with me and

if it wasn't for being in sober 

living at Amanda's house this

 wouldn't be possible because there

are not many options for safe

and stable housing in Green Bay

for someone who is getting back on

their feet, and who has children. 

Amanda's house allows me to live my

life with just the right amount of

accountability and support to keep

on going and stay on the right track. 

My journey has not been easy but having

a safe home for my son helps me feel

secure and optimistic for our future. 

I thank God every day for this opportunity

and the gift of safety and stability that
Amanda's house has given me.


Sober living is such a delicate time for the recovering addict/alcoholic because it’s where most of the changes happen, whether they’re good or bad. One has to, essentially, relearn how to live and function like a normal member of society and it takes a lot of patience, learning, and understanding but overall trust that the place you are at is going to help you mentally prepare for a life of sobriety. I literally could not have gotten as far in my recovery or rebuilding with my children (while carrying another) if I did not have this house, foundation, or Paula to help facilitate. My appreciation and love for this house goes with out measure and I’m so excited to see it continue to evolve and grow.


I am so grateful that I am sober today and drug free.  I don't think I would be here today if Amanda's house was not an option. 

Recently I was allowed to be off site for four days to attend a regional conference in ohio for H/A.  It was a wonderful, experience.  I learned so much and networked with many different people. I am currently serving as a house liaison.

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